4 Steps to Spring Clean Your Gut

Gut health is not just about prebiotics, probiotics, fermented foods and other supporting supplements. How you eat, think, move and sleep are just as important.

During seasonal changes, your body also undergoes change. It is important to be aware of the messages your body is communicating to you during this time. Spring is a period of renewal and growth. So replanting your body’s roots (the gut) will enable you to bloom with vibrance throughout the season and into summer.

Here are 4 steps to cleaning up your gut health gorgeously:

1. DECLUTTER FROM THE INSIDE OUT | Check in with yourself and become aware of how the seasonal change from winter to spring affects your cravings. Notice if you desire a change from the cozy winter comfort foods to lighter, brighter and fresher meals. Visit your farmer's market and indulge in seasonal, local and organic foods with every meal. Aside from what you eat, spring clean your home with gut friendly, non-toxic cleaning supplies, tools and decorations. And support a healthy mind, turning negative thoughts into optimism and gratitude.

2. DIGESTION STARTS IN THE MIND | Geneen Roth’s eating guidelines are a healthy reminder to slow down and appreciate the process of eating. Being aware of what you are putting in your mouth, as well as the state your body and mind are in before you take your first bite, are determining factors to how you are going to digest your food. Digestion starts in your mind, so when you are eating from a place of calmness and joy you are going to be digesting, assimilating and absorbing your food optimally.

3. RELAX AND MOVE AFTER YOU EAT | After every meal, allow yourself time to relax and breathe. Go for a walk to help boost digestion instead of immediately sitting back down. Take advantage of the day light savings time shift this past weekend and walk outside after dinner with a loved one. As you walk, breathe deeply into your belly and reflect on your day. Let go of any stress or anxiety, and be grateful for all that surrounds you.

4. BOOST YOUR QUALITY OF SLEEP | It is not all about the number of hours, but more about the quality of your sleep. Also, during sleep is when your body does the vast majority of detoxification. Spring into a new evening routine and power down from your electronics at least an hour before bed; practice self-care relaxation techniques such as yoga, drinking herbal tea, putting on a face mask or journaling.

Jumpstart your spring rejuvenation with these easy steps and feel more energized, organized and free.




Anna is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the creator of Gorgeous Gut (www.gorgeousgut.com). Schedule a complimentary consultation with her at anna@gorgeousgut.com.


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