3 Mindset Shifts to a Healthy 2016

We'd like to welcome Anna Shadid, a Chicago-based Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, who will enlighten us on the importance of gorgeous gut health from the inside out. She'll be joining us every month to share some of her favorite tips and tricks. Learn more about Anna and her business at http://gorgeousgut.com.


After an indulgent holiday season, it is only natural to make healthy resolutions for the new year. But if you are like most people, you fight every year to meet and maintain those health goals. 

Instead, make your health and wellness journey much more pleasant and successful. Here are three powerful mindset shifts to encourage you to trust your body, stop judging yourself and finally stick to your new year's resolutions

1. Reframe Your Thoughts Around Health Challenges

View your health challenges as helpers and teachers. Even be thankful for them. Think about each hurdle as a motivator and not an enemy. For example, view any unwanted pounds as a friend, encouraging you to reach for the banana instead of the brownie. Make it fun!

2. Strengthen Your Intuitive Eating Muscle

It’s likely that your inner voices are battling each other. Your eyes are telling you that the candy bar is what you need, your taste buds are telling you that you haven’t had sugar in a while, your brain is saying “feed me, my energy is low,” and your gut is telling you to slow down. When your inner voices are not in alignment, this is a problem. The goal is to harmonize these voices into one intuitive voice that will bring overall balance to your body and mind, and help you attain your intentions. This means eating foods that will keep you energized and motivated. Just listening to one voice is not going to cut it.

3. Commit to the One Thing Every Health and Wellness Practitioner Agrees On

Eat vegetables with every meal. It is the one thing everyone in the health world agrees on. Begin breakfast, lunch and dinner by choosing a vegetable. Pick the other ingredients around that. Also, this means more than light, leafy greens. It is just as important to include your starchy vegetables, as well as raw and cooked vegetables. Challenge yourself to introduce a new vegetable each week. When you feed your body nutritionally dense food, you don’t need as much of the other junk. 

Envision the most vibrant, healthiest version of you six months from now. What are you doing, where are you, what are you wearing, what are you eating, and how are you eating it?  

Now get there. 


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Anna is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the creator of Gorgeous Gut (www.gorgeousgut.com). Schedule a complimentary consultation with her at anna@gorgeousgut.com


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